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SENSITIVITY has Priority

How can you

  • quick and easy identify your sensitive data out of millions of unstructured information?
  • intelligently separate the sensitive business information from public data?
  • identify the data Lifecycle of sensitive information + their Copies & Versions?
  • understand the access permissions and usage of your sensitive content?
  • apply appropriate and reliable Data Management concepts to it?

Such questions are showing the huge challenges companies Information Management strategy are facing today.

A clever technology is key for all of this!

Today every company is able to point out what kind of data is sensitive and business critical. They also know the criterias which should become relevant for separating such information into categories like "public", "confidential" or "business critical". Further on it often exists a catalogue which "theoretically" manages data under this constraint and leaves strategies based on the "Need to know" principal far behind. The problem is having the right enforcing instrument in place which is able to handle and manage this job. 

Due to the technolgy NogaLogic is using we are able to understand the content of the data, documents, tables or other pieces of information. Than NogaLogic can specifically identify sensitive content within all kind of documents, or various combinations of information which together make a document sensitive. It also shows the business usage, the access permissions, the full meta information and applies policies based on your sensitivity concept.

Sensitivity includes mostly more than one argument why a document becomes a specific category. This includes:

  • Combinations of authors and certain business topics
  • Combinations of specific people mentioned and certain business topics, such as the CEO and a particular business topic
  • Combinations of specific departments and certain business topics, such as Finance and a particular business topic
  • Code names for secret products
  • Credit card numbers, regular expressions, pattern matching and PII data
  • Pre-defined regulatory templates that identify data deemed sensitive by regulations
  • Documents tagged (meta level) with various sensitive classifications such as “top secret”, “confidential” etc.
  • Information needed for an eDiscovery process
  • Certain business records which companies are required to retain
  • Sensitive information contained in meta data / properties tags

NogaLogic automatically shows where each sensitive information is stored and how it’s being used across the organization business process.

A methodology for a sensitivity concept is mandatory

It is a multi – level concept which targets sensitivity through various ways. NogaLogic presents the results in many levels inside the product. The starting point is to answer the question when content becomes sensitive? In the moment you can answer this question just take out the arguments and apply them through NogaLogic to your data.


You are saying: All Documents which includes sensitive information related to my business like - financial information about the company which also include some specific customer info and a key supplier for our key product should be displayed.

We are saying: Take out each argument and describe it with business entities. NogaLogic automatically will translate it into matching results.

The arguments are: Company financial information / customer name / supplier name / product name / employee / storage / location 

Description is:

  • Which department and which employees are responsible for such financial information?
  • Which are the names of the financial products?
  • Are there specific repositories responsible for storing such information? 
  • Are there specific locations involved in generating such information?
  • Name, address and further details of the affected customer, supplier and product

The result will be a lot of Business Entities, Keywords, Expressions which are answering the description. NogaLogic collects all such Business Entities automatically and apply them to all of your unstructured information and immediately shows the matching content.

The NogaLogic way to deal with Sensitivity

Based on our ability to understand all kind of content we are able to use the Business Entities, Keywords, Code names, Expressions, Synonyms and further descrition to apply it against it. NogaLogic now display's the resluts according to its accuracy. The only work which has to be done now is to decide which Entity will lead into which sensitivity category. Once this is done all content based on its business context will be organzed according to its sensitivity catalogue.

For further details download our White Paper - Do you really know what sensitive data you have.

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