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To effectively perform critical data management tasks — such as data migration, storage consolidation and the periodic deletion of files that your business no longer needs to retain — you need an accurate, complete, granular, and up-to-date inventory of all of your company’s unstructured data assets. Without such an inventory, it is impossible to ensure that your data management policies are being comprehensively applied to all appropriate data assets — because you won’t know what and where those assets are.

Constructing this inventory, however, can be extremely difficult as multiple copies and versions of Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, emails and other unstructured data proliferate across the enterprise.  To make matters worse, these assets are constantly changing. Users keep creating new content and exchanging documents with each other and external business partners. Content is also added thought M&A activity, subscription services, and even unauthorized downloads. Without rigorous management of this data, storage costs can go through the roof and users can find it more and more difficult to find the information they really need.

Do you really know what kind of information you have?

To get a better handle on all the unstructured data dispersed across your enterprise environment, you need to be able to answer several critical questions, including:

  • What content resides on my storage infrastructure?
  • Can I identify and locate every single piece of unstructured data to which I need to apply any given data management policy?
  • Can I identify and locate all copies and versions of any given business document?
  • Can I sort-and-report all of my information assets based on business content, last use or any other attribute?
  • Do I have any way of discovering irregular changes in my data inventory

Use a clever technology like NogaLogic!

With Nogacom’s data inventory assessment, you’ll quickly see where information is stored, who has access to it, and how it is being used by the business. Armed with this rich insight, you can then significantly improve your data and storage management policies and your business practices.

Nogacom’s Data Inventory Assessment analyzes a representative sample of your enterprise data to identify and analyze information assets across the enterprise.

What do I have to do?

  • Provide access to the analysing data
  • Provide access for extracting the Business Entities (Databases, Active Directory)
  • Add further business and infrastructure knowledge to our Professional Service
  • Describe the data retention you need to apply
  • What kind of retention you have already in place?

The whole procedure will be an effective, quick and cost-efficient way for your company to identify and assess your organization’s inventory needs. Getting granular insight into your current information assests plus detailed recommendations on how to optimize your strategy will be the summarizing result.

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