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What is NogaLogic?

NogaLogic is a powerful solution for Information Management. It helps you to identify all the information you need to govern. With NogaLogic you can analyse automatically your unstructured data quickly, easily and cost-effectively - including sensitive data - assess risks and comply with information governance regulations.

NogaLogic automatically identifies and classifies your data by its business context. It shows where these documents are located, by whom they are being accessed, and how they are used and distributed across your organization. Using NogaLogic's policy management you can then take action on this data to comply with business and information governance requirements.

NogaLogic is ideal for:

  • Classify first and plan your data management strategy earlier
  • Identifying Sensitive Data to support Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • Assessing data risks
  • Data Archiving, Data Migration
  • Enterprise Search for Compliance and eDiscovery
  • SharePoint consolidation
  • Cloud Computing preperation

NogaLogic combines a wide range of key features and functionality that enable you to fully and effectively manage your unstructured business data and address information governance business challenges:

Data Classification:

  • Automatically identifies and classifies all documents by their business context and value
  • Correlates relevant documents - from across all data repositories - into a single UI.
  • Sensitive Data identification
  • Documents containing sensitive content related to the business
  • Credit card numbers, regular expressions, pattern matching and PII data
  • Pre-defined regulatory templates that identify data deemed sensitive by regulations
  • Documents tagged with various sensitive classifications such as “top secret”, “confidential” etc.
  • Information needed for an eDiscovery process
  • Certain business records which companies are required to retain
  • Sensitive information contained in meta data / properties tags

Reports: Delivers detailed reports which provide intuitive analysis of data ownership, copy/version generation, storage, access rights, distribution trends and anomalies, compliance with data retention requirements, and much more. Reports can be tailored specifically for sensitive data.

Audit History:  Provides an audit history on all documents (particularly sensitive documents), and shows who made changes, when these changes were made, where each new version of a document was stored and other actions performed on a file.

Copies & Versions: Identifies copies and versions of documents regardless of location, format or file name.

Email Distribution: Tracks the email distribution of all documents and shows you to whom each document was emailed - inside and outside the company.

Organize Data: Create ‘Views’ which define and organize a group of documents based on selected business entities and file property filters. Saved Views can be used in policies and reports

Policy Management: Move/copy documents (including copies/versions), tag documents, and/or alert on changes to data, selected based on the business context and sensitivity of the document

Integration with DLP and 3rd Party Products: Exports classification information to DLP, encryption and other 3rd party products.

Enterprise Scale Solution: Offline analysis – provides the ability to perform data analysis, policy simulations, reporting and forensic research while offline / Enterprise scalability – fully scalable and easily connects to applications, databases and file systems across the enterprise. Supports more than 300 file formats. / Broad language support – classifies and indexes nine languages and indexes 24 additional languages.

NogaLogic gives you the power to make your key business information secure, compliant and manageable, while saving you time, money and resources.

Key benefits include: 

  • Know exactly what business data you have (including copies and versions), where it is, how it’s used, accessed and distributed
  • Connect between related documents and get a 360-degree view of any business issue
  • Get full data lifecycle analysis and correlate the data to end user behavior
  • Integrates with 3rd party products to provide the key missing link for data protection and governance
  • Understand the current state and risk of your unstructured data through detailed reports and the dashboard
  • Expose the informal/improper business processes that created your current data environment
  • Get the necessary insights to define and implement the  right policies and business practices for your organization
  • Quick and easy installation, no manual tagging or changes to existing business practices
  • One powerful solution for a wide range of information governance business challenges. 

For further details about NogaLogic, come in contact with Nogacom today >>>

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