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Do you really know what sensitive data you have? A new approach to identifying and managing sensitive data throughout its lifecycle

Given the volume of the data, as well as the complexity of today’s data environments it’s nearly impossible to get a handle on what business data actually exists and what its value is to the organization – let alone figure out whether it contains sensitive content or not. This white paper outlines some of the key problems associated with identifying sensitive unstructured data. It also explains how Nogacom's NogaLogic addresses these issues through a best practices approach that makes the process of identifying and managing sensitive data easy, intuitive and manageable.

Download the White Paper in English >>>

Classify first, plan earlier: A new approach to effective data governance through data classification

This white paper describes Nogacom’s new, best-practices approach whereby the steps taken are reversed: first you classify the data using Nogacom’s NogaLogic information governance solution. With the intelligence gleaned from the data classification process, you then have the necessary insight to plan and implement relevant and effective data governance strategies.

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Understanding the Data Lifecycle: The Key to Effective Data Protection 

Organizations can’t effectively protect their sensitive information—no matter how much they invest in data protection and other security technologies—if they don’t know exactly where it is.  They can’t avoid over-restrictive policies if they don’t know exactly how their data is actually being used today.  And they won’t be able to implement essential protections if doing so requires too much time and effort and negatively impacts legitimate business use. The White Paper explains how in-depth visibility into unstructured data will help you define and implement effective data governance and protection policies and business best practices - based on your users’ real business needs and actual data assets.

Download the White Paper in English >>>

NogaLogic Brochure

NogaLogic is a powerful solution. It gives you the critival information to quickly, easily, accurately and cost-effectively identify and analyze your unstructured data, to assess risks and comply with information governance regulations

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How to use the sensitivity concept

It is a multi – level concept which targets sensitivity through various ways. NogaLogic presents the results in many levels inside the product.

Download the NogaLogic sensitivity concept >>> 

Much of NogaLogic’s business value comes from its ability to automatically identify and classify unstructured data based on its business context.  So it’s important to clearly understand what this classification is, how it works, and what its value is for today’s data-intensive organizations.

NogaLogic Classification Presentation

Companies are suffering from a tremendous growing of all kind of content, notifications, emails and other content. The business process is producing tons of data which has to be managed according to many regulations and needs. This presentaion will answer how NogaLogic can help you with this challenge and suggests a way through it.

Download the basic NogaLogic presentation using Business Entities >>>

NogaLogic Business Entity

Business Entity the key to successful classification. Det more insights how to use it and how it brings classification to the top. To get such technical White Paper please send us an email so we can provide it to you.

Technical White Paper - NogaLogic Business Entities >>>



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