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Build and Run Information Management

Companies now have to adapt and react to a variety of major changes and uncertainties: Opportunities and risks due to digitalisation, dynamics in markets and among competitors, changes in globalisation, etc. For many companies, this means that they have to answer fundamental questions about their business model, the services and products they offer or create, service delivery and the entire ecosystem and partner network, and find effective solutions.

Project Management

A project is a unique, temporary, multidisciplinary and organised endeavour to realise agreed desiderables within predefined requirements and constraints.

We offer the following Services:

  • Analysis of the environment

  • Project Canvas

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Create User Stories

  • Earned Value Analyse

  • Daily Scrum

  • Kanban Light

  • Agree on work packages

Project planning, Project Controlling,  Project completion, Stakeholder Management, SteerCo Reporting, Project Communication, Risk Management, Quality Assurance

Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migration


Accelerate your AWS migration by starting with lift-and-shift of your business-critical applications.

Most migrations happen in phases to minimize risk and speed up time to production.


10 steps to follow. 

  • Establish the migration-architect role

  • Choose your level of cloud integration

  • Single cloud or go for multi-cloud

  • Establish cloud KPIs

  • Establish performance baselines

  • Prioritize migration components

  • Perform any necessary refactoring

  • Create a data-migration plan

  • Switch over production

  • Review application resource allocation


As recruitment experts, we continually cultivate  and grow the relationships we have built with our network of highly qualified candidates. We recruit temporary, contract and permanent professionals across virtually every area of IT.


Recruitment - Professional Service

  • IT Transition Management

  • Cloud Architect 

  • ITSM 

  • IT Security

  • PMO

  • Database Developer


Information Management Challenges


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