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Information Management

transforming information into a powerful asset driving the future of pharmaceutical excellence

Revolutionizing Pharma:
Implementing a Cutting-Edge Digitalization Strategy for Process Data

"Unlock the power of digital transformation in pharmaceutical processes with our tailored strategy. By leveraging advanced data analytics, IoT integration, and automation, we streamline operations, enhance quality control, and accelerate time-to-market for life-saving medications. Embrace the future of pharma manufacturing with our innovative approach to process data digitalization."

Project Management

A project is a unique, temporary, multidisciplinary and organised endeavour to realise agreed desiderables within predefined requirements and constraints.

We offer the following Services:

  • Analysis of the environment

  • Project Canvas

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Create User Stories

  • Earned Value Analyse

  • Daily Scrum

  • Kanban Light

  • Agree on work packages

Project planning, Project Controlling,  Project completion, Stakeholder Management, SteerCo Reporting, Project Communication, Risk Management, Quality Assurance

 AWS Cloud Migration

Accelerate your AWS migration by starting with lift-and-shift of your business-critical applications.

Most migrations happen in phases to minimize risk and speed up time to production.


Steps to follow. 

  • Establish the migration-architect role

  • Choose your level of cloud integration

  • Single cloud or go for multi-cloud

  • Establish cloud KPIs

  • Establish performance baselines

  • Prioritize migration components

  • Perform any necessary refactoring

  • Create a data-migration plan

  • Switch over production

  • Review application resource allocation

Professional Services

Specializes in connecting scientific instruments, data sources, and software applications to create a unified digital ecosystem for laboratories.

Our connection strategy involves several key components:

  • Instrument Integration

  • Data Standardization

  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure

  • Analytics and Insights

  • Integration with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

  • Scalability and Flexibility

Our connection strategy aims to revolutionize scientific research by creating a connected laboratory environment where data flows seamlessly, enabling faster innovation, improved collaboration, and greater scientific insights.

Information Securty Challenges

Digitised Information Management


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