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Our Projects

Project Management 
  • Third Party Risk Management

  • Policy and Compliance Implementation within ServiceNow

To identify Risks, measure them against policies and standards, mitigate risks, protect sensitive business information and ensure effective information governance. 

Data Loss Prevention

How can you quick and easy identify your sensitive data out of millions of unstructured information? Intelligently separate the sensitive business information from public data? identify the data Life cycle of sensitive information and their Copies & Versions? Understand the access permissions and usage of your sensitive content? Apply appropriate and reliable Data Management concepts to it to prevent data from being leaked.

Instrument Integration for Pharmazeutical Process Data
  • Empower

  • Unicorn

  • Cromeleon

  • Files

Shift and Lift approach Cloud Migration

Many reasons can drive your migration purpose. GDPR can become the driver for current and future data migration based on the rights you have to comply with. Security intentions like moving specific sensitive data to a specific places or to separate data repositories are challenging your data management.

  • Incident Management Incident Control

  • Complaint Management

  • Policy & Compliance

  • Third Party Risk Management

  • Vulnerability Management

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